Romania could reach most aggressive fuel taxation policy in South-Eastern Europe

Romania will become the South-Eastern European country with the most aggressive fuel taxation policy if the Finance Ministry’s proposal to increase the excise duty on fuel will be approved, reports.

Romania is currently the European country with the lowest level of indirect taxation (excises and other indirect taxes) in the price of gasoline, namely EUR 0.363 per liter, according to a report of the European Commission cited by local The country ranks third for the taxation of diesel, with EUR 0.333 per liter. Only Lithuania and Bulgaria currently have lower taxes for diesel.

If the new draft law passes, the Romanian drivers would pay excise duties of EUR 0.446 per liter of gasoline. They would also pay taxes of EUR 0.416 per liter of diesel. Romania would thus have a more aggressive fuel taxation policy than any of its neighbors, including Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Estonia, Lithuania or Latvia.

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