Romania, ROMATOM: Joining Nuclear Energy Agency compels efforts to maintain and surpass own capabilities

By joining the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Economic Development (OECD) Romania goes past the European framework that is its current action setting and becomes a part of a prestigious global nuclear community, which compels continued efforts to maintain and permanently surpass its own capabilities, the Romanian Atomic Forum ROMATOM said in a Thursday release.

“Due the construction of the new units at the Cernavoda nuclear power plant and the expansion of the service life of the existing ones, to the development of 4th generation reactors, Romania will be part of the efforts to increase the world’s nuclear electricity production. By increasing its contribution from 11 percent of the global electricity production at present to around 17 percent in 2050, accompanied by the increase – within the same time horizon – in installed capacities from 396 GW to 930 GW, Romania will ensure, along with renewable energy, the attainment of its carbon emission-cutting targets,” the release said.

According to the cited source, Romania’s joining the Nuclear Energy Agency is a big step forward, the result of concerted efforts by the country’s central authorities and nuclear experts, following a rigorous evaluation carried out by NEA experts, that also covered the operation and security of nuclear installations, nuclear research, radioactive waste management and storage, the relevant legislation and regulatory framework, as well as the nuclear industry overall.

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