Romania, Romgaz: The activity of natural gas storage will be separated starting from 1 April

The national company of natural gas Romgaz announces that, starting with 1 April a new branch will become operational and will manage the activity of natural gas storage.

According to a press release of the company, the branch will be called SNGN Romgaz SA –the branch for the storage of natural gas Depogaz Ploiesti SRL.

Underground storage of natural gas has a major role in ensuring the safety in the supply with natural gas, thus facilitating the balance consumption – domestic production – natural gas import by covering the peaks of consumption caused mainly by variation in temperature with the purpose of getting technical and economic advantages.

Romgaz says that the new branch will take over the operation of the storage houses, will operate the assets which contribute to the development of the activity of SNGN Romgaz SA and will take over the personnel who work in the domain, benefiting from all provisions of the work contract at the level of the company.

The company owns six storage houses for underground storage of the natural gas to be found in Balaceanca, Bilciuresti, Cetatea de Balta, Ghercesti, Sarmasel and Urziceni.


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