Romania: Rompetrol Downstream opened the first gas station equipped with electric cars charging points

Rompetrol Downstream, the retail division of KMG International group (former Rompetrol Group) opened the first gas station equipped with electric cars charging points, located in Bucharest on Chitilei street, following a 1.2 million dollar investment, stated Vlad Rusnac, the general manager of Rompetrol Downstream.

“Even if the Romanian electric car market is in its early stage, we cannot ignore the international concern regarding the diversification of energy sources and we are trying to implement new technologies in order to develop our range of products and services as well as to satisfy our customers’ needs, while also taking care of the environment,” Rusnac said.

The company intends to open eight gas stations, with electric charging units in Bucharest and in the country, by the end of this year. The total investment in the eight stations will amount to 10 million dollars.

Charging at the electric recharging point opened on Friday is powered by AC/DC 22 kW and is therefore compatible with any type of vehicle sold in Europe and Asia. Two vehicles can be recharged at the same time, so an electric vehicle can charge its battery at 80 pct of its capacity in just 20 minutes, compared to 7-8 hours, the time it takes for normal charging. The electric charging service is offered for free.


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