Romania, Romsilva: National campaign for forest regenaration underway

Romania’s National Forestry Corporation RNP – Romsilva is investing 42.2 million in the spring campaign of regenerating 10,712 hectares of forest land, by planting 32 million own production seedlings, according to data provided by RNP-Romsilva.

“Romania’s National Forestry Corporation RNP – Romsilva has planned for this year, regeneration works on 14,252 hectares of state-owned forest land, of which 8,721 hectares of natural regeneration and 5,531 hectares of artificial regeneration, through reforestation. The spring campaign only foresees regeneration works on 10,712 hectares (75.2 pct of the annual programme) the works being worth 42.4 million lei. Romsilva will use approximately 32 million seedlings, from their own seedling nursery for the surfaces that are scheduled for the spring campaign,” reads a RNP press release.

Romsilva will also carry out during this period current completion planting works on 2,589 hectares as well as restoration works of plantations affected by calamities on another 306 hectares.

Moreover, Romsilva offers one million seedlings to volunteers who get involved in the reforestation actions.



Source: RNP Romsilva press release.

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