Romania: Schlumberger and Weatherford oil groups authorised by the Competition Council

The Competition Council announced on Tuesday that it had authorised Schlumberger and Weatherford oil groups to set up together two companies operating in US and Canadian markets.

The two groups are present in Romania by means of their subsidies which offer products and services regarding oil and natural gas production.

The competition authority evaluated the operation of economic concentration in point of its compatibility with a normal competition environment, according to regulations on economic concentrations.

“Following the analysis, the Competition Council found out the operation does not raise significant obstacles to effective competition in the Romanian market,” the press release shows.

The decision of the Competition Council will be published on the website of the institution after removing data with confidential character.

Weatherford will contribute with its portfolio of multistage completion drilling, regional production capacities and its supply chain.

Weatherford is a multinational company in the oil field supplying equipment and services used in drilling, evaluation, drilling completion, production and intervention on oil wells and natural gas.




Source: Company press release.


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