Romania, survey: Three in four Romanians believe country is going in the wrong direction

Three quarters (75%) of Romanians believe the country is going in the wrong direction, according to an IRES survey called “The Balance Sheet of the 2017 Political Year. Perspectives for 2018”. Most people are more worried about the political crisis than price increases.

Only 17% of those surveyed believe things are going in the right direction. Of the respondents aged 36-50, 81% consider that things are going in the wrong direction in Romania.

Some 45% of the people surveyed believe 2017 was a worse year than 2016, 30% think it was the same, and 24% think it was better.

Moreover, 46% of respondents believe that 2018 will be even worse for Romania than 2017, 24% think it will be the same whereas only 28% think it will be better.

Over a quarter of the respondents (27%) said the thing that worried them the most in 2017 was the political crisis while 24% were most worried by the increase in prices. About 15% were worried about getting ill and 13% were worried about the lack of jobs. Lower revenues, job uncertainty and lack of perspectives were also among the things that worried Romanians in 2017.


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