Romania, Szijjarto, about contracting gas in Hungary from Black Sea: Mass-media simplified information

Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto told a press conference on Thursday in central Targu Mures that the mass-media “has simplified the information” regarding the contracting of natural gas in Hungary from the Black Sea deposit exploited by OMV and Exxon Mobile.

“The situation is as follows, Transgaz Romania and FGSZ Hungary, the Hungarian equivalent of Transgaz, have announced a tender for the Romanian-Hungarian gas pipeline’s capacity, going from Romania towards Hungary, starting with 2022 and until 2037. This tender was announced by Transgaz and FGSZ in Hungary based on calculations that at that time, the gas deposit in the Black Sea will be exploited by the Romanian-Austrian consortium, made up by those at Exxon Mobile and OMV. Two Hungarian companies ranked first and second in this tender, which means that these two Hungarian companies have taken responsibility for using the entire capacity of the gas pipeline, which amounts annually to 4.4 billion cubic metres, this is its capacity. This practically means that if exploitation starts in 2022, as scheduled, and if the gas from the Black Sea will be delivered northbound, towards Hungary, than the capacity is reserved by these companies,” Peter Szijjarto explained.


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