Romania: Teodor Chirica was elected president of the European Atomic Forum

Teodor Chirica, Honorary President of the Romanian Atomic Forum (ROMATOM), was elected President of the European Atomic Forum (FORATOM), the General Assembly of FORATOM decided on Tuesday. Previously, he held FORATOM vice president since 20 June 2016, reports.

Teodor Chirica is a nuclear expert with a rich experience in project management and he has had several executive positions in the Romanian and foreign companies responsible for the implementation of nuclear projects.

He has been a member of the FORATOM Executive Committee since 2006, a position from which he contributed to the promotion of nuclear technologies at European level, the elaboration of the European energy strategies and policies, later involved in the consultancy process for Romania’s energy strategy 2016-2030 with the prospect of 2050, from the perspective of an expert in the nuclear industry.

Since October this year, Chirica occupies the position of nuclear energy expert / advisor to the general manager of Nuclearelectrica (SNN), a company he ran between 2005 and 2009. “The election of Teodor Chirica in office President of the European Atomic Forum is a recognition of the Romanian experts in the nuclear industry, of the professionalism and dedication that are rewarded to the extent of the contribution made. Romania is on the nuclear map of Europe, both in terms of the strategic nuclear projects that are absolutely necessary for our country, but also through the Romanian specialists, a result of a long process of daily training, refinement and involvement,” says Cosmin Ghiţă, SNN general manager.


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