Romania: Third PSD-ALDE Government sworn in

Romania’s new government, led by former MEP Viorica Dancila, got the Parliament’s confidence vote on Monday afternoon and was sworn in in the evening. Viorica Dancila, a member of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), loyal to party leader Liviu Dragnea, officially becomes Romania’s first woman prime minister.

A total of 282 senators and deputies voted for the new government while 136 MPs voted against. The minimum number of votes for the cabinet to pass was 233. PSD and junior partner ALDE have 243 MPs, but the Hungarian Democrat Union (UDMR) also voted for the government.

“The Government has passed by a large majority, which is an occasion of joy for me, but also a responsibility for all those who voiced their trust in this Government and in a woman premier,” Dancila said after the vote.


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