Romania: Total imports of energy products increased by 15.7 pc in 2016

Total imports of energy products increased by 15.7 percent last year compared to 2015, mainly because of higher  imports of natural gas (+1025 thousand toe) and crude oil (+872 thousand toe), National Institute of Statistics (INS) informs.

Imports of petroleum products and coal (including coke) decreased with 106 thousand toe, respectively with 19  thousand toe.

The energy resources available in 2016 were the same with those of 2015, namely 42.2 million tonnes  oil equivalent (toe), the increase in the imports of energy products balancing out the decrease in  primary energy production. In 2016, the primary energy resources amounted to 40910 thousand tonnes oil equivalents, increasing  with 141 thousand toe (+0.3 percent) as against previous year.

Primary energy production was 24798 thousand toe in 2016, decreasing with 1589 thousand toe as  against 2015, but preserving its significant weight in total energy resources, accounting for 58.8 percent of  them.  The most significant decrease compared to previous year (‐11.4 percent) was that for natural gas.  Primary production of electricity increased by 3.4 percent compared to previous year (+77 thousand toe).

Final energy consumption increased with 421 thousand toe (+1.9 percent) in 2016 as against 2015.

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