Romania: Transgaz has for auction the export and import capacities of natural gas at the border with Hungary and Bulgaria

Transgaz published on its site the announcements regarding the sale by auction of the export – import capacities of gas from and to Hungary and Bulgaria for the gas year 2018 – 2019.

Thus, the grid operators interested to keep its capacity for import or export in relation with Hungary at Csanadpalota or in relation with Bulgaria through the pipeline Giurgiu-Ruse had to be registered until 27th July so that until 31st July present the guarantee of participation to the auction, both at Transgaz and the grid operator of Hungary and Bulgaria respectively.

The auctions for aggregated/non-aggregated capacity will start on 6th August 2018 at 07:00 (UTC) and 09:00 of Hungary (CET) and 10:00 of Romania (EET) respectively.

Within the auction, the grid users can bid for the requested capacity in successive steps, by applying pre-determined price intervals.

The grid users whose bid won the auction have to pay the capacity tariff for the capacity which was obtained, the auction commission calculated on the basis of the price interval, the volume tariff for the transported quantity, the Transgaz announcement says.


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