Romania: Uber goes electric and launches UberGREEN

Bucharest is the first city in the CEE where Uber ridesharing company launched UberGREEN, a service that provides 100 percent electric cars.

According to a press release, Bucharest is also one of the few in Europe where Uber offers a green mobility option as in Paris, London, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Porto and Zurich.

“We believe the future of transportation is electric, shared and autonomous, but there is still a long way ahead. The purpose of this pilot is to make electric cars available to more people than ever before in Bucharest and to encourage the development of electric transportation. We cannot do it alone – we want to develop partnership with authorities, carmakers and other players from the energy field so that we can make electric mobility available to everyone, everywhere,” Nicoleta Schroeder, General Manager Uber Romania, stated in a press conference.

The cars available in the UberGREEN pilot are Renault ZOE with the new Z.E. 40 battery, which allows a range of 400 km NEDC (equivalent to 300 km in urban and adjacent areas) after just one recharge. For starters, the customers will be served by 20 Renault Zoe cars, purchased by the company’s leasing partners in partnership with Eldrive.

In Bucharest, Uber has 500,000 users, of which about 10,000 will experience UberGREEN by the end of April 2018, US-based company estimates.

The company therefore hopes to contribute to reducing pollution and traffic decongestion.

“If we continue to grow at the same rate and more people will continue to share their car with others, we will be able to launch the UberPOOL service by 2020, which in other cities has helped reduce traffic by one-third,” Nicoleta Schroeder said.

She added that in a few months, Uber will take a decision on the possibility of increasing the EV fleet, depending on the results of this pilot-project.


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