Romania: Viorica Dancila is the new PM confirmed by President Iohannis

President Klaus Iohannis announced on Wednesday that he designated Social Democrat Party’s (PSD) proposal, Viorica Dancila, for the Prime Minister office.

“Having weighed all arguments, taking into account the concrete situation in Parliament, I have decided to give PSD one more chance and designate the person proposed by the PSD, Mrs Dancila. However, now the PSD must show performance. Romanians have great expectations, I have great expectations as well,” the head of state said.

At the same time, the President pointed out that he listed very many opinions about the formation of the new government and the designation of the prime minister.

“Today, all day, I have listened to the opinions and arguments of politicians, but I have managed yesterday, last night, between meetings, to also listen to the common people opinions, to read messages on social networks included (…). There are arguments related to the parties’ policies, obviously. There are very many arguments about Romania’s domestic policy, there are many arguments about Romania’s foreign policy and security. I have listened and carefully read all these opinions and arguments and I weighed them, because now I have to decide. But what kind of decision is the one I must make? First of all, this decision must be in accordance with the Constitution and the Constitutional Court decisions in terms of designating and here the most powerful argument is the parliamentary arithmetic,” Iohannis said.

Prime Minister-designate Viorica Dancila stated on Wednesday that it’s important to put into practice the governing programme, but also in 2018, the Centennial Year, she prepares to take over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

President Klaus Iohannis, on Wednesday, made a call on those involved in the procedure to form the Government to get mobilised.

“I invite all those involved in the procedure to get mobilised and work fast and well. It is possible for the entire procedure to be completed by 1 February and for the new Government to get down to work and solve the problems rather than mixing them up,” the head of state said.



Source: Presidential Administration.


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