Romania: Wind energy covers 15.5% of electricity consumption

The wind energy production accounted for 13.8% of Romania’s entire electricity production and 15.5% of the gross consumption at national level between January 6-15, according to a press release of the Romanian Association for Wind Energy (RWEA).

During this period, Romania produced 2.15 TWh worth of electricity, 1.91 TWh of which represented gross electricity consumption.

Wind power plants generated 0.30 TWh of electricity during these days. The peaks were recorded on January 6 ,7, and 14 when over a fifth of Romania’s production of electricity came from wind parks. Wind energy proved again that it’s a main participant on Romania’s electricity market, the RWEA press release reads.

Romania’s electricity consumption peaked last week due to the cold weather. This has led to a spike in electricity prices. The maximum spot price for electricity to be delivered the next day reached EUR 100 per MWh on Monday morning, January 16, up 40% compared to two weeks ago, when electricity was trading at a maximum of EUR 71 per MWh. One year ago, the price was EUR 53 per MWh.

Romania, which is an electricity exporter, even had to import small quantities of electricity in the past days and the Government issued a decision which states that power exports can be suspended in situations of crisis.

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