Romania, World: Johan Meyer to be named soul manager of the ’Proprietatea’ Fund, starting this April

Greg Konieczny resigned from the managing position of Fondul Proprietatea and, as of 1 April, Johan Meyer will become the sole manager of the Fondul Proprietatea Portfolio, according to a press statement sent by Franklin Templeton Investment Management Ltd. UK, Bucharest Branch, in its quality of Investment Administrator of Fondul Proprietatea SA.

“We are very confident that the Fund will continue to be in very good hands, given Johan’s strong commitment and dedication in the last year to generating enhanced value for the Fund,” Sorin Mandrutescu, Chairman of the Representatives’ Committee of Fondul Proprietatea.

“We would also like to send our appreciation and gratitude to Greg Konieczny, whose remarkable efforts have contributed to a large extent to the Fund’s present success. On behalf of all the members of the Representatives’ Committee, I would like to wish him good luck with his extended responsibilities within TEMG,” he added.

Headed by Johan Meyer, the Franklin Templeton Bucharest team, made up of five local investment analysts, is in its turn supported by Franklin Templeton’s global platform.




Source: Franklin Templeton Investment press statement.

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