Russia: Saami village from the Murmansk Region to use non-stop renewable energy

Authorities of the Murmansk Region will use renewable energy sources for 24-hour electricity supplies to a Saami village, the region’s Deputy Governor Evgeny Nikora told the Wind Energy 2018 forum in Ulyanovsk.

The village is the Saami cultural center, where 430 people live in 170 households, he said. The only communication with the village is the regular helicopter flights once a week. The village residents receive electricity for only 18 hours a day.

“It is a rather big settlement, where electricity is produced by a diesel power station with the peak capacity of 450 kilowatts. We would like to substitute that power station with a hybrid station. There is a potential of using solar energy in summer, plus we may use the wind,” he said, adding the authorities have discussed with potential investors an acceptable financial model.





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