Serbia: TPP Nikola Tesla, largest coal-fired plant in the country, will be completely modernized by GE

GE’s Power Services announced on Thursday that this year it will complete the modernization of Elektro Privreda Srbije’s (EPS), TPP Nikola Tesla, the largest coal-fired power plant in Serbia. GE’s steam turbine retrofit will help increase power output, reduce operational and maintenance costs and lower plant carbon footprint through less coal consumption.

“EPS’s TPP Nikola Tesla power plant provides a large portion of the power supply for the Serbian electricity system,” said Savo Bezmarevic, EPS production executive, Elektroprivreda Srbije JP. “We need our assets to operate at the highest availability, efficiency and reliability levels as possible, as it is crucial for Serbia to have a secure energy supply.”

The power plant features two, 210-megawatt (MW) LMZ steam turbines and four (A3-A6), 308-MW GE units. GE will provide a steam turbine full shaft line retrofit solution for high-pressure, intermediate-pressure and low-pressure turbine modules as well as a new turbine governing controller system. In addition to the controller, the project includes GE’s advanced 3-D blades, new rotors, rotary blades, stationary blades, inner and outer casings and other associated parts.

As part of the agreement, GE will commission a WT23S-106 generator unit-the largest ever installed in Serbia-at the TPP Nikola Tesla B2 site to help improve availability and reliability of the plant.



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