South Africa: Metair ready to shift business to EV industry

Metair is ready for the anticipated revolution in the automotive industry, including the introduction of electric vehicles (EV), hybrid vehicles and autonomous drive vehicles.

These vehicle still need lights, brakes and wiring harnesses, for example, said Metair MD Theo Loock, at the announcement of the company’s financial results in Johannesburg.

He added that EVs may use lithium-ion batteries to power them, but they also used normal lead-acid batteries for their control systems.

“And that’s not going to change,” said Loock. “Our EV adaptibility is high. The plan is to EV-proof the business,” he added.

The JSE-listed Metair is an international manufacturer, distributor and retailer of energy storage solutions and automotive components.

It owns, or has shareholding in battery production sites in Romania, Turkey, South Africa, China and Germany.  A big focus of current battery production includes start-stop batteries.

Component manufacturing happens mainly in South Africa, and includes wiring harnesses, lighting, heat exchange products, plastic products and ride control products.

Metair is not currently a producer of lithium-ion batteries as the main power source for EVs. However, the company already produces lithium-ion starter batteries in Turkey.




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