Symposium to provide insight into future of renewables in the Middle East & Mediterranean

Organized by SGO, the June 10-11 event in Nicosia focuses on renewables integration, advanced microgrids, and energy resiliency in the Middle East / Mediterranean

The Middle East and Mediterranean are undergoing important energy transitions. While oil and natural gas continue to be primary resources, there is a growing drive toward embracing renewable and carbon-free energy as climate change and population growth continue at a significant rate. As society begins the transition away from fossil fuels, the Mediterranean and Middle East must lead the way toward more distributed energy infrastructures with hybrid, renewable energy systems and advanced microgrids at the core.

To help stakeholders from across the region meet these challenges effectively, the first Advanced Microgrids, Smart Renewables and Distributed Energy Middle East & Mediterranean Symposium will be held on June 10-11 in Nicosia (

Organized by the Smart Grid Observer, the event will feature in-depth presentations, panel discussions and one-on-one networking sessions providing invaluable opportunities to connect with key players and learn from the leaders who are shaping the future of clean energy and intelligent urbanization across the Middle East and Mediterranean regions.

“This region is beginning to move toward solar and other renewable resources, and the goal of this event is to help decision makers get the most accurate picture,” says Daniel Coran, SGO editor and Symposium manager.  “We want to bring people together from across borders – technology borders as well as regional ones – to envision what the future of energy in this area can be, and should be.”

Topics to be covered in the conference will include the challenges and opportunities in moving toward distributed energy resources (DERs), overcoming regulatory and policy hurdles, advances in microgrids and clean energy technologies, and enabling business models and transition strategies.  A review of key case studies will highlight the lessons that can be learned from notable implementations and projects to date.

The audience for the Symposium includes renewable energy and electric utility companies; microgrid project developers, owners, and entrepreneurs; finance and investment professionals; Smart City planners, strategists and municipal executives; Government, regulatory and public policy professionals; energy storage providers, technology innovators, VC and investment professionals and more.

Schneider Electric is Gold Sponsor of the event, Brightmerge is a Catalyst Sponsor, and Silver Sponsors include Gommyr Power Networks and iKare Innovation.  For information regarding sponsorship, exhibition and speaking opportunities, contact

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