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Who will stand for the European Green Deal?

When the new European Commission took office in November, its much-vaunted Green Deal was the centre of worldwide attention. This week, EU leaders are meeting to decide how much of it can still be saved. The Green Deal is the EU’s “new

Will coronavirus torpedo the Green Deal?

This year was supposed to make a difference in the international fight against climate change. But the spreading of the coronavirus and the related economic slowdown might overshadow climate change as a priority - for both…

D. Sassoli: EU budget “must support Green Deal”

The European Parliament will reject any budget that does not give the EU the backing to finance the new Green Deal, as well as other challenges facing the bloc. Parliament president David Sassoli (pictured) said at the start of a EU…

EU hopefuls up climate game in Western Balkans

Montenegro and North Macedonia have both pledged to cut emissions and put a price on pollution, as new initiatives in the two Western Balkan countries aim to align climate policies more and more with EU norms and standards. EU candidate…

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