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Is this the best way to produce cheap hydrogen?

By Irina Slav for When the European Union recently announced large-scale hydrogen production plans as part of its green energy future, many in the solar, wind, and natural gas industry rejoiced. But there is also an

Renewable hydrogen & decarbonisation

Hydrogen accounts for less than 1% of Europe’s present energy consumption and is mainly produced through highly carbon-emitting pathways, known as ‘grey’ hydrogen, and used as feedstock in sectors, such as fertilisers and

Europe’s draft hydrogen strategy

The European Commission aims to promote so-called “green” hydrogen produced from renewable electricity over the “grey” sort obtained from natural gas steam reforming, according to a leaked policy document obtained by EURACTIV. The

Using hydrogen in the battle against climate change

The vision of a world powered by hydrogen was born in 1874 with Jules Verne’s novel “Mysterious island”. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, a power source in aerial form, which can be produced using renewables such as…

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