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LNG markets may not recover until 2021

By Nick Cunningham for The cash margin for U.S. LNG exporters improved slightly in the second quarter, but will likely remain negative for the duration of 2020, according to a new report. The LNG glut is hurting both buyers

The newest battlefield in the European Gas War

Across the planet LNG prices in May-June 2020 have dropped to unprecedentedly low levels – landed seaborne prices still remain below $2 per MMBtu, compelling rivals of LNG to counteract the trend. In the vanguard of those affected is the

LNG trade increased worldwide

The International Gas Union (IGU) is pleased to launch its annual LNG report for 2020. The comprehensive analysis highlights all the material changes in the global LNG industry in 2019. This report features key global LNG industry…

Natural gas is now truly a global market

By Irina Slav for With all the drama around crude oil right now natural gas has moved outside the spotlight but there are some interesting developments there as well, and a lot more positive than what is happening in oil.…

Shell: Global LNG demand to double by 2040

British-Dutch oil and gas giant Shell saw a record 12.5% rise in demand for liquefied natural gas (LNG) in 2019, according to its annual review. In Europe, demand for LNG increased by 74%, significantly more than was forecast. The…

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