The best energy saving devices

The digital era has made it easy than ever before to make a household energy and cost-efficient. Energy Digital takes a look at 10 easy-to-implement devices.

24-hour plug-in timers

When essential devices like smartphones or tablets run out of battery at inconvenient times, such as late at night, the temptation can be to leave them plugged in for often excessive amounts of time until you’re available to unplug them. Unsurprisingly, this can become very expensive. 24-hour timed plugs which can be set to automatically switch off after a pre-set period of time can compensate and make charging far more cheap and convenient. 

Energy-efficient kettle

Tea and coffee remain some of the most popular beverages worldwide – UK residents drink, on average, 95mn cups per day. Therefore, having a kettle which is energy-efficient can result in small but welcome annual savings. 

Energy-saving shower head

With the majority of household water usage originating from the bathroom, this is the area to focus on for those looking to cut costs on their bills. Modern shower heads are able to conserve both water and electricity for hot showers whilst also increasing water pressure, making for a better shower overall. 

Energy-saving plugs

Many people have left their house only to wonder if they’ve accidentally left a light or appliance on. Energy-saving plugs can be linked to your smartphone and switched on or off remotely, providing peace of mind and utility bill savings. 

Radiator reflectors

A winter essential, adequate heating from radiators can make all the difference in home comfort. However, it is estimated that up to 35% of heat can be lost through poorly insulated walls. Radiator reflector sheets are an inexpensive and effective solution – they can capture almost 100% of wasted heat energy for minimal investment.

Smart sprinklers

Keeping gardens sufficiently maintained can be a laborious, costly and sometimes wasteful in terms of water usage. Smart sprinklers not only eliminate the physical effort but also factor in atmospheric conditions which allow the precise amount of water needed to be used.

Smart window coverings

Whilst windows, curtains and shutters might not seem particularly hi-tech solutions, there are options on the market which can be configured to regulate temperature by activating according to a room’s levels of light and heat. 

Smart energy monitor

Eliminating the possibility of unexpectedly high utility bills, smart energy monitors can show you your usage in real-time and give you time to make changes before its too late. Some brands can even be configured to show what devices are currently switched on.

Energy-saving/smart bulbs

Helping to conserve power by only turning on when needed, smart lights can automatically adjust to the correct atmospheric conditions of the room they’re in. In addition, LED bulbs are far more energy-efficient than standard filament bulbs, have a greater lifespan and emit less waste heat. 

Smart thermostat

When used in conjunction with double-glazed windows, proper housing insulation and other atmospheric controls, smart thermostats can save significant amounts of money on utility bills. 


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