Ukraine, Gazprom: Arbitration Institute claims filed by Naftogaz Ukraine are founded and will not be withdrawn

Naftogaz Ukraine deems the two claims it has filed against Gazprom with the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce to be founded, has no intention to withdraw those claims, and expects to win them both, Naftogaz Ukraine Chief Commercial Officer Yuriy Vitrenko said.

“No one is going to withdraw the claims and end the absolutely founded legal action against Gazprom,” Vitrenko said on Facebook on Wednesday evening.

The claim lodged by Naftogaz with the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce in regard to the gas sale-and-purchase contract has been declared founded, and the demands of the Ukrainian company have been met, he said.

“Our claim regarding transit is no less founded. We have won one action, and we are expecting our second claim to also be victorious,” Vitrenko added.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday that “preserving gas transit via Ukraine would only be possible if Kyiv offers competitive tariffs and neutralizes the well-known transit risks, including by dropping all claims and withdrawing the absurd lawsuits against Gazprom.”



Source: interfax-UKRAINE.

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