There will be 100,000 EVs on Serbian roads in 2025

The number of chargers for electric cars in Serbia increased more than five times. Unfortunately, this is not a big achievement because the country installed its first charger last year and 12 more in 2017.
Currently there are very few electric vehicles in Serbia. Milos Kostic, owner and CEO of MT-komex, an installation company for chargers, expects the number of chargers to increase further and reveals his optimistic prediction:
“There will be about 100,000 electric cars on Serbian roads in 2025.”

When was the first charger set? How many chargers Serbia has for electric vehicles? Where are their locations? Who paid for their installation?
The first charger was set in front of one bank and in our company CEEFOR. So far, there are thirteen places in Serbia where chargers for EV have been installed. Three charging points are located on international routes, on the borders with Macedonia, Hungary and Croatia. The rest of them are located in Belgrade – company MT-Komex has installed 3 chargers at Obilicev Venac garage, 3 chargers in front of BMW carshow (Delta Motors service) at Cukarica municipality, one charger was installed in front of department store IKEA, two at companies CEEFOR and ABB, and one at ProCredit Bank’s subbranch. Chargers installed on corridors were financed by the Ministry of Transport and the rest of chargers were individual investments of companies.

Why the number of chargers in Serbia increased in the last period? What is the reason?
We have to keep up the pace with the world trend. The owners of the electric vehicles that pass through Serbia need charging stations but also, as I have already mentioned, people and companies in Serbia have also started buying electric vehicles. These are the reason why the number of stations has increased but this is just the beginning. The number of chargers will be higher in the next few years.

Are there many Serbian companies in the selling and installation business? Is there a market for chargers in Serbia? How can we develop this market?
There are still only few companies, but the market for EVs is establishing. The market is at a very early stage of development. Companies, that have recognized the benefits of EVs, became pioneers of e-mobility in Serbia. Car manufacturers such as Renault, BMW, VW have recently included electric vehicles in their offers for the Serbian market. There are also Volvo busses and trucks, whose bus models are operating public transport in Belgrade and Cacak. It is necessary that the Republic of Serbia starts providing subsidies for electric vehicles, in order to facilitate their purchase. These incentives would be a clear indication that Serbian Government recognized the importance of reducing emissions from transportation.

Is it profitable to install chargers knowing there are very few electric vehicles in Serbia?
The fact is that the automotive industry has made a turn to electric cars. Although there still have not been a large number of electric vehicles, they represent the future of sustainable traffic. Individuals with developed awareness about the importance of environmental protection, as well as environmentally responsible companies increasingly choose to buy electric vehicles. The charging costs for electric vehicles are lower than using conventional fuels.

What is your cooperation with manufacturers of chargers?

MT- Komex, an installation company for chargers, has a successful cooperation with two companies that are manufactures for different types of chargers for electric vehicles in the Serbian market – ABB and Schneider Electric. You can also purchase their models in our on-line store, at the website

How important is the network of chargers for electromobility?
One of the most important premises for people to make a decision about buying an electric car is an established network of chargers. Many drivers are afraid that the battery will be emptied halfway. The companies are constantly working on increasing the batteries’ range and at the same time the network of charges is increasing. These two facts in synergy will contribute to faster development of e-mobility in all European countries. It must also be followed by the development of maps and applications that give drivers the locations of chargers and availability for use.

What should be done to increase the number of electric vehicles in Serbia?

According to the announcements from the Ministry of Energy, at a recently held e-mobility conference during the Energy fair, a Group for e-mobility will be soon established.

When will EVs become reality in Serbia?
Electric vehicles are already a reality in developed countries. Prices of electric vehicles are decreasing, there are also cheaper series, and at some point, used electric cars will be available on our market. I think there will be about 100,000 electric cars on Serbian roads in 2025.

When will you buy electric vehicle?
We have a plan to buy an electric vehicle for our company CEEFOR. It will probably be a small city car

Electric mobility Milos Kostic* – Interview to Vladimir Spasic

*Milos Kostic is owner and CEO of MT-komex, an installation company for EV chargers.

Source: Issue No 21/November – December 2017

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