World: A new Global Market for Energy and Telecoms Wire and Cable report has been released

The “Wire & Cable Report Edition 4 2018 – The Global Market for Energy and Telecoms Wire and Cable” report offering has been released recently.

The new edition contains substantial revisions of the forecasts in the 4th edition and an Excel database. It also has new price analysis which is a significant addition and an important input to the forecasting.

The 4th edition of the Wire & Cable Report 2018 sizes demand for energy and telecoms wire and cable for 2017 and forecasts demand from 2018 to 2022, globally, for the regions and for major countries.

The report focuses on the following:

  1. Insulated Copper Power Cable;
  2. Insulated Aluminium Power Cable;
  3. Uninsulated Conductors;
  4. Metallic Telecoms Cable;
  5. Fibre Optic Cable;
  6. Winding Wire;
  7. Wire and cable perform two basic functions.

These kinds of cables and wires have two main propreties:

1) They conduct electricity or communications, for which they need high conductivity

2) They carry loads, for which they need high tensile strength. Sometimes they combine both qualities

This report surveys the marker for the first group, energy and communications conductors, and contains a brief review of the second group, mechanical wire rope.



You can read the report here, at

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