World: South Stream replacement, Turkish Stream, can supply a potentially record consumption

Consumption of Russian gas among potential importers of gas, that will be supplied via the Turkish Stream pipeline to South Eastern Europe, has grown in 2016, Gazprom said in a statement on Wednesday.

“The growing demand for Russian gas in Southeast Europe, which is the target region for the Turkish Stream pipeline clearly shows that the project is well-considered and timely step, important for meeting energy needs of these countries,” the gas giant said in the statement.

In comparison with 2015, volumes of gas purchases grew in particular in Italy by 1.1% to 24.7 bln cubic meters, in Bulgaria by 2.1% to 3.18 bln cubic meters, in Greece by 35% to 2.68 bln cubic meters, in Serbia by 4.3% to 1.75 bln cubic meters.

Gas purchases by Romania soared by 740% to 1.48 bln cubic meters, Croatia increased purchases by 54.8% to 0.76 bln cubic meters, Macedonia – by 56.5% to 0.21 bln cubic meters.

The Russian authorities announced the Turkish Stream in December 2014 to replace the South Stream gas pipeline project. It was planned that the offshore section of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline would comprise four stretches with a capacity of 15.75 billion cubic meters each.





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