World: The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting for 2017 took place in Davos, Switzerland

The world’s richest and most powerful are spending time in the Swiss mountain enclave of Davos this week to attend the 2017 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting. Joining them is a host of invited experts, knowledge and “thought” leaders from the private and public sectors.

Energy, poverty and the “digital divide” once again stand to figure prominently in this year’s presentations and discussion threads as WEF members address what are deemed to be the world’s most pressing and challenging problems.

Grand visions of the “Internet of Things” must be dancing in organizers’ heads. The tag line for this year’s annual meeting agenda is “The Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

Closely associated with the digital, energy and wealth divides, the widening chasm separating the super-rich and the growing masses of poor or just barely getting by in developed and developing countries alike should figure prominently in formal sessions and conversations in Davos this week.



Read more here, on EnergyCentral, an article by Andrew Burger.

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